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Yaguruma Sou

Age: 27 | Actor: Tokuyama Hidenori

When he is first introduced in the series, Yaguruma is Kamen Rider TheBee and the leader of ZECT's elite unit Shadow. His philosophy of "Kanzen Chowa" ("Perfect Harmony") is what drives Shadow's success. He is respected both by his subordinates and by fellow ZECT members of all ranks. He seems to be a perfectly well-adjusted individual.

His meeting with Tendou Souji slowly changes all of that. His obsession with defeating Tendou drives him to lose sight of his ideals and to put his own vendetta before the well-being of his team. Because of that, TheBee Zecter abandons him. No longer Shadow's leader, Yaguruma disappears for several episodes, and returns to try to put his beloved Shadow back together only to find himself betrayed by Kageyama, his closest subordinate.

The next time Yaguruma appears, he is a completely changed man. He is not longer straight-laced and no longer believes in Perfect Harmony. He claims to be living in hell and to be a loser who does not deserve to seek the light... he also appears to be rather down on his luck, to judge by his clothing. Lastly, but certainly not least important, he is now Kamen Rider Kick Hopper... and in my opinion kicks ass in a way he never did as TheBee.

Although he still holds a grudge against Tendou and fights Worms here and there, his main reason for coming back appears to be to take Kageyama under his wing once again.


Kageyama Shun

Age: 20 | Actor: Uchiyama Masato

Kageyama starts out as Yaguruma's very loyal, one could even say adoring, subordinate. He believes whole-heartedly in Yaguruma, and it seems like he would follow him to the ends of the world. In turn, Yaguruma clearly cares a great deal for Kageyama, and in fact, from a story-telling point of view, Kageyama is used to demonstrate how much Yaguruma cares for his subordinates (although I personally believe Kageyama is a special case). In a way, it's possible that what ignited Yaguruma's grudge against Tendou was the fact that Tendou caused Kageyama to get hurt and end up in the hospital.

At some point after Yaguruma's departure from Shadow, Kageyama becomes the new Kamen Rider TheBee and assumes leadership of ZECT. This was kept as a secret as part of a plan to catch a mole suspected of leaking information about Shadow's members to the Worms. Kageyama believed the traitor was Yaguruma, and sets a trap for him. Despite eventually finding out that Yaguruma was innocent, and in fact still wants to be part of Shadow even if he's no longer the leader, Kageyama's attitude towards Yaguruma has soured, and claims there is no place in Shadow for him any more.

From this point on, Kageyama's actions become increasingly more ruthless. He has become ZECT's unquestioning pawn, and seems to be motivated by a deep need for acceptance as TheBee and as a useful member of ZECT. He never questions his orders, and in fact ends up collaborating with the Worms under Mishima's orders, it can be assumed that he does all this for fear of risking his place in ZECT and the right to be TheBee. In fact, he is sinking lower and lower.

Eventually he loses TheBee, and becomes even more desperate in his attempts to get the Zecter back from Tendou (it's complicated) and in his need to prove himself still useful. It is at this time that Yaguruma returns as Kick Hopper; and when Mishima and ZECT have used and then discarded Kageyama, when he finds himself about to lose his life to Worms and his former comrades, Yaguruma returns to save him. He asks Yaguruma to "come to hell" with him, and offers him a place as his "brother". Kageyama tells Yaguruma that he's the only one who would even look at him and becomes Kamen Rider Punch Hopper.


The Hoppers

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