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What's a fanlisting? Just... a list. Of fans. Who put up little buttons on their sites to show what fanlistings they've joined. Why? Because it's fun, and because the little buttons are pretty. Shiny. Or because sometimes it's a really slow day at work and you have nothing better to do than join fanlistings.

Or you could read the official explanation of what a fanlisting is... but I like mine.

Shiny! consists of 9 fanlistings (9 current and 0 pending). There are 2180 fans listed across all its fanlistings, and 14 pending approval. The newest fanlisting is Tokuyama Hidenori.


Three new fanlistings

Posted Sep 28, 2008. Leave a comment?

I've opened three new fanlistings since my last update:

  • Grace - Furukawa Yuuta, Tenimyu's 4th Fuji
  • Bright Smile - Seto Yusuke, Tenimyu's new, adorable Ootori
  • Golden Lion - Saint Seiya's Leo Aioria

And I've actually closed several fanlistings in the past month, all of the Heroes ones, basically, plus a few others, mainly due to changing interests.


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