Welcome to Shiny!, Mura's fanlisting collective. =D

What's a fanlisting? Just... a list. Of fans. Who put up little buttons on their sites to show what fanlistings they've joined. Why? Because it's fun, and because the little buttons are pretty. Shiny. Or because sometimes it's a really slow day at work and you have nothing better to do than join fanlistings.

Or you could read the official explanation of what a fanlisting is... but I like mine.

Shiny! consists of 9 fanlistings (9 current and 0 pending). There are 2180 fans listed across all its fanlistings, and 14 pending approval. The newest fanlisting is Tokuyama Hidenori.



Posted Jan 18, 2006.

Because of TeniMyu, I've been approved to crosslist the Atobe Keigo and Shishido Ryoh fanlistings at TFL. Well, I WAS approved a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it till now.

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