Information: Webmistress

"Mura" is technically short for "Murasaki", which I picked as my online handle when I started my brief stint as a fanfic writer in CLAMP fandom, because I found out it means "violet" (my favorite color) and thought it was pretty. At the time I had no knowledge of the existence of Shikibu Murasaki or The Tale of Genji, a fact I now find really funny and slightly embarrasing.

In real life, I'm a graphic designer in my late 20s and work at a newspaper in Costa Rica; but I enjoy web design much more than print.

I started designing websites in 1999, and it's become pretty much my favourite hobby. For the most part, I've learned on my own, mostly with the help of online tutorials and the like.

Fandom-wise, I have eclectic tastes; I consider myself a big fan of slash, but enjoy het if the female characters are strong and interesting. I started out my online life at the now defunct Wotism Board (a forum dedicated to Robert Jordan's mind-boggingly long Wheel of Time series). Eventually I wandered into CLAMP and anime fandom, and then branched out back into western tv stuff.

And then I watched Tenimyu. And I swear, once you get sucked into the dancing boys pretending to play tennis, there is just no going back. Ever.


I found out about fanlistings when looking through other people's collectives years ago, but didn't actually become interested until someone suggested in 2003 that a fanlisting would be a nice addition to one of my fansites. At that point I went to TFL to research, decided it seemed like fun, and inmediately applied for my favourite character of all time, Monou Fuuma... only to be turned down. Sad though that was, I applied for two other subjects, and thus started my long love affair with fanlistings, which doesn't seem to be about to end any time soon.

(Incidently, I was actually approved for the Monou Fuuma fanlisting in April 2006, which in a lot of ways was like coming full circle as far as fanlistings go.)